Wildlife and Nature Gallery

A collection of some of my nature photographs in and around the Middle of Know-Where
marsh09  A marsh before the ducks arrive.  Near Spruce Grove, AB. geese  Canadian Geese preparing to fly south in the fall.  Near St. Albert, AB. squirrel01  A Red Squirrel with a pine cone.  Near the middle of know where. porcupine01  A porcupine hiding in the spring grass.  Near Wildwood, AB.
boreal-owl12  An owl collecting a mouse.  Near Edson, AB on the crown lands spring-owl11  A Boreal Owl in the bush.  Near the middle of know where. mule-deer11  A spring fawn enjoying the sun.  Near Edson, AB. sunset14  Sunset in the fall in the middle of know where near Edson, AB.
summer-trail  A quad trail in the early summer near Shiningbank, AB. Winter2011  Winter in the middle of know where.  Time to get a fire going. RockyGoat11  A Rocky Mountain Goat relaxing in the pass.  Near Jasper, AB. RockyBigHorn11  Almost a full curl ram sunning himself.  Near Jasper, AB.
Lynx12  A very curious Lynx, and dam it -I didn’t have my good camera with me.  Near Grisly Slide on the crown lands south of Whitecourt, AB. Lodgepole-pine12  Lodgepole pine in the foothills.  Near Hinton, AB Lichen12  Unknown plants, but they are cute so I phorographed them.  Near Brule, AB. Elk12  Elk in the fall.  Near Edson, AB.