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The Middle of   Know-Where?

Why way out in the Middle of Know-Where?

Living in the country, with acres and acres to roam and explore, has many benefits. When you’re here the fresh air invites you to do things outdoors. Spending time with friends and family relaxing, recreating or working together to better each other’s property. We are not isolated from anything; we have internet, satellite TV, cellular service and Canada Post delivers daily but what is missing is the background hum of the city or the crush of traffic anytime you want to go and do something. Community and neighbors are important, if you need a few nails to finish a project then it is time to go for a walk and see who is around and can you borrow a few nails. Not that different than having to drive to your local Home Depot to buy some more nails, but that is a commercial transaction and the reciprocal affect does not build community or interpersonal relationships between neighbors and friends. Spending time out west is a remedy to the stresses of life. I believe the world would be a much better place if more people would take the time to get back to nature, family and friends and find their own Middle of Know-Where.

To find our place out in the middle of Know-Where…

A map of the area
  1. Start by heading west on the Yellowhead Highway toward Jasper.
  2. Turn right (North) onto Highway-32 N (look for signs for Peers/Whitecourt)
  3. After going over the McLeod River and up a big hill look for Secondary Highway 748 on your left hand side, turn left (West) (look for signs for Edson, also there is an old truck on the corner with a sign that say “Praise God always”)
  4. About 10 minutes down the road turn right (North) onto Range Road 152 – There are signs for Long Lake. (If you discover Bear Lake you have missed the turn.)
  5. This road twists and turns and eventually you will change direction and be headed west. At this point the road is relabeled and now becomes Township Road 555A.
  6. This is where the online directions end. A map with further instructions is available, just click on the map image bellow.
  7. The map requires a password; enter the password provided by your host. If you do not know the password, contact your host for assistance.

53.817522, -116.152030

A map to the middle of Know-Where?

Travel in the Middle of Know-Where

Winter like conditions can happen at any time when you are traveling in the Middle of Know-Where. Slippery or snow-covered roads, reduced visibility and bitter cold: these are all conditions that can make driving difficult and even dangerous during any cold weather event. Winter like weather also brings an increased risk of getting stuck in your vehicle, so prepare before heading out. The government of Canada recommends building an emergency kit for your vehicle (this includes quads and side by sides)

A basic vehicle over-night kit should contain the following:

Remember what Alfred Wainwright said "There's no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing."

The Green Area

Our property is just beside the border that separates the settled portion of Alberta from the Crown lands. You can cross the road, set your compass and travel straight west and not leave the Crown lands for 186km before you will cross into the Wilmore Wilderness Park Just south of Grande Cache. This area is mostly forested and includes most of northern Alberta as well as the mountains and foothills along Banff, Jasper, and the British Columbia border (excluding the national parks). There is a lot of territory held by the Crown, approximately 397,108 square kilometers (153,324 square miles). In this area these public lands are managed for their natural resources, ecological significance, and recreation values. Licensed resource extraction is allowed in some areas however agriculture is excluded from land uses in Green areas, with the exception of grazing leases. These public lands represent the wilds to most Albertans and its bounty belongs to all of us. The Crown lands around our property are one of the best parts of living in Alberta. These lands are host to a majority of the outdoor activates we love and is the main reason for us locating where we did in the Middle of Know-Where.

Follow the bear tracks to find a printable copy of the directions to the Middle of Know-Where

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