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Latest Update - May 27th, 2020

If you have to social distance, then the best place to be to get away from everyone is the Middle of Know-where. Miles of crown forest and acres of pasture provide for lots of distancing activities. With some time on my hand I have decided to tackle installing a new floor in the cabin and spend some time increasing my garden beds. I hope everyone is staying safe and keeping their sanity during these crazy times – Stay strong Alberta, M.

Our Cabin in the Woods

There is much to experience in the great northern boreal forest and it is truly amazing to return to a friendly, warm, dry place after our adventures in the bush. Our cabin in the Middle of Know-Where started its life as a pole barn with a gravel floor, the kind that see used for storing hay bales or tractors on most farms. Over the years we have been adding creature comforts to our barn like walls, floors, windows and doors! The sweat and toil of our family and friends has created our cozy cabin that is now a beautiful rustically decorated nine hundred square feet with a gorgeous three hundred square foot deck facing south west to catch the best of the suns warmth in our long cold northern Albertan winter months.

A map of the area

Finishing the cabin is only one project on a list of many and we can’t forget the rest of the property. Our forest needs trails and trails require maintenance. The trees themselves are an ongoing venture, actively culling the poplars and encouraging the aspen, larch, spruce and pine while importing some fruit and shelter belt trees in our meadow. Rhubarb has been a challenge (why won’t my rhubarb flourish? Supposedly anyone can grow rhubarb!). Transplanting raspberries bushes and saskatoon berries has shown great promise and let’s not forget the placement of those amazing rocks or boulders we collect while out exploring. Other chores like collecting and storing rainwater or stocking up the wood shed for the winter and pit wood for the summer never stops. As the design of our property evolves so to the does the project agenda. The secret is to enjoy what you are creating, park the chores when they get cumbersome and remember to sit back, relax and have a beverage with some friends in the Middle of Know-Where.

53.817522, -116.152030

Navigation to the Middle of Know-Where can be confusing with the many twists and turns along the route. Cellular coverage is sketchy at best, pay attention to the tower locations as you drive out, that is where you will get the best service. If you are using your GPS to find us, then you can use the following coordinates (53.817522, -116.152030) and let it bring you right to our doors. If you are interested in receiving a set of printable, detailed directions to discover our location then please click the bears track icon bellow. A pdf document with set of Google Maps is included to help find your way.

Weather out West

The weather in the Middle of Know-Where is unpredictable at best. Summer highs can extend into the thirty’s (Celsius, low nineties for our friends in the bellow the 49th). October – April are our cold months. May is usually hot during the day and can drop below freezing at night. June through August are our warm months with September as the transition month, where we count all the days above the freezing mark as bonus summer days. (Five degrees above zero (41.0°F) and we seriously think that is t-shirt weather!) It can snow in any month (rare in the summer months), our area has an elevation of 914.5meters (3000 feet), 1220 meters or 4000 feet when you get up top and on average receives 178cm (about 70 inches) of snow per year. So why do we live and play here? Simple, it is beautiful, it is wild and it is quiet. So when you come to the Middle of Know-Where, pack some gloves and a toque (just in case), some beverages and whatever gear you need to play.

Moose Crossing

Collisions with wildlife are common and any time of year can be hazardous to drivers on the roads in the Middle of Know-Where. Please pay attention to deer crossing signs, animal sightings are common in the dawn and dusk periods when visibility tends to be low. The animals tend to move around more in the late spring (May and June), in the fall and during our hunting season which starts in mid-August and extends to early January. Animals are unpredictable and everyone in the vehicle should be on the lookout for wildlife.

According to Desjardins Insurance "Car Accidents and Western Canadian Wildlife"; - In Alberta, motorists experienced 323 vehicle-animal collisions that resulted in a serious injury in 2016. Approximately eighty-nine percent of wildlife accidents take place on two-lane roads on rural terrain, please be wary when you come into contact with a wild animal, and be very careful around moose, deer or elk. Drive safe!

Follow the bear tracks to find a printable copy of the directions to the Middle of Know-Where

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