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Things to do in the Middle of Know-Where

Explore the Backroads

In the foothills most of our roads don’t require any excuse to curve, there is plenty of scenery that is worthy of viewing through your windshield. The trick to finding any scenic drive in the Middle of Know-Where is to find the undeveloped backroads and to appreciate scenery that is often subtle rather than dramatic. Some of these scenic backroads can be used as alternatives to traveling the main routes to Edson or Whitecourt. Others are good for folks who take scenic drives as a way to enjoy nature. In any case be prepared for gravel and watch out for wet and muddy conditions.

Visit the Historic Rosevear Ferry Site

Go and take a moment to remember this historic ferry! The first settlers of Alberta used this ferry in order to be able to cross the railhead that was being built at that time. The Rosevear Ferry was operation for over seventy-five years and in its later days was one of only seven ferries remaining in Alberta. In 1995 there were 15,557 vehicles and 14,165 people recorded which crossed the ferry. In 1997 the Bleriot Ferry was transferred to the Rosevear site, as the ferry which had been there was starting to decay. Sadly the ferry is no longer in operation and has been replaced with a state of the art highway bridge. To access the old ferry site go north off Highway 16 on Range Road 154, also known as the Rosevear Road. Or you can take Secondary Highway 748 north east of Edson and then south on Range Road 154. The well signed location is still a great place to launch a kayak on the McLeod river or spend a quite afternoon fishing at the confluence of Fish creek.

Hard Luck Canyon

Hard Luck Canyon was officially opened as a public tourist destination on Thursday, June 24, 2010. After Woodlands County made several developments to the area, visitors can now go and enjoy the breathtaking view of the ancient cliffs with the sound of the trickling falls and creek nearby. Hard Luck Canyon is a beautiful area located approximately 20 kilometres from Whitecourt.

Get Some Wood

In Alberta, a valid temporary timber permit is required for small-scale, non-commercial or personal access to timber and trees on provincial Crown land. This permit grants the holder the legal authority to harvest in designated areas. You may harvest...

OR - Up to 5 cubic metres of green volume (usually used for firewood). The number of trees cut depends on tree species and size, but it is approximately:

Trees and timber are to be cut from designated Crown Provincial Land only. The permit must be with you at all times while cutting or transporting.

Go Explore the Forest

In the winter there are two main trails in the Edson area – one that goes north to Silver Summit Ski Hill and another that heads down south to Robb. With the hilly slopes and dense forest in Yellowhead County, snowmobiling is truly at its best. For more information on the trails around the Edson area contact: Wayne Iwaschuk - Edson Sno-Seekers Club: 780-723-4042.

In the summer Yellowhead County boasts some of the best off road trails in the province. Whether it be summer or winter, the beauty of the trail is always there and ready for use. Since its formation, the Edson ATV Club (www.edsonatvclub.com) has proven to be very active in trail maintenance, rallies and promotion of off-road quadding. More information regarding the club can be received by contacting them directly.

Spend Some Time on the Water

Once you start getting in there exploring the area and talking to local fishermen you'll quickly learn there's a great range of types of fishing within Yellowhead County. There are three lakes with boat launches with in a ten minute drive of the middle of know where.

About twenty minutes away is the McLeod River, starting off in Cadomin, the McLeod River flows into the Athabasca River (the waters of the McLeod eventually making their way to the Arctic Ocean via Lake Athabasca, and Great Slave Lake in the Northwest Territories.) Featuring Mountain Whitefish, Native Rainbow Trout, Bull Trout, Pike and Walleye, the river is a wonder fishing hole. The McLeod is also a great place for canoeing and kayaking. Rapids are fairly mild, however one must watch out for rocks and shallow water. It's a good place to use an old, reliable canoe that doesn't mind a few bumps and bruises, and it is our preferred place to swim. One can easily access the river from bridge off of Highway 32.

So Much More...

These are just some of the activities available to us in our own back yard out in the Middle of Know-Where. If none of these options appeal to you a quiet afternoon sitting by the fire with a good book and a good beverage is always an appealing alternative! The important part is to relax and enjoy your day. Have a great stay.

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